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5 Costly Renovation Mistakes to Avoid

The idea of a property renovation can be tempting. A renovation can be very beneficial, especially if you’re looking to sell; but it’s important to note that there are mistakes that can often sabotage these potential benefits. By learning about some common mistakes...

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Tips for Maintaining a Vacant Property

Vacant properties have to be maintained. If they aren’t, they rapidly decrease in appeal and value and pose a higher risk to you as the owner. When you’re holding a vacant property, you want to make sure it remains in good condition while finding a buyer. Vacant...

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Tips for Managing a Contractor Crew

We’ve been in the real estate industry long enough to see how quickly renovations, repairs, and restorations can go wrong when not properly supervised. Individual homeowners are not the only victims of this— corporate and government agencies can also struggle with...

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The Importance of Attending Conferences

I recently heard from a few brokers that because REO inventory is down, they weren’t planning on attending an upcoming conference. This line of thought got me thinking – that’s exactly why we need to go to conferences. Conferences have so much to offer attendees; it...

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7 Ways Contractors Hide Their Mistakes

Hiring a building contractor you can trust is the best way to avoid running into issues or dishonest practices. However, this is often easier said than done. If you have reason to suspect that the contractor you’ve hired might be hiding some issue or mistake from you,...

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Curb Appeal Improvement for Under $100

In the field of real estate, looks and first impressions really do matter. I personally find it a shame that people don’t stay on top of their curb appeal, but I’m not here to judge, and sometimes for REO properties you just have to deal with what you have. This...

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