One of the biggest issues faced by REO property holders in Aberdeen, Frederick and Hagerstown is debris and hazards. Many foreclosure properties have suffered untold damage, either from neglect or the deliberate acts of those who used to own the property. This can create a lot of hazards in the form of debris and unsafe construction.

Unfortunately, banks and lenders who end up with these properties don’t always have the resources to properly clear dangers and get the place in shape to sell. Learn about REO property hazard removal, REO property debris removal, and how a solid REO services company can help you get that property fixed up and sold.

REO Property Debris Removal

There’s a deceptively large amount of tools, equipment and skills necessary to properly complete REO property debris removal. What at first looks like a relatively small job can blow up in ways you never expect. You’ll need basic tools like shovels, brooms, dustpans, rakes and a shop vac. You’ll also, however, need dumpsters, sledgehammers, electric reciprocating saws, circular saws, even gas generators and the skills to use these tools.

Debris can take the form of garbage left in the house or yard, but it can also take the form of crumbling walls and ceilings and structural damage that needs to be demolished before it can be repaired. This kind of work requires specialized skills that most REO property holders don’t have.

REO Property Hazard Removal

Part and parcel of the debris removal process is REO property hazard removal, mitigation and abatement. When you’re repairing, updating and cleaning up an abandoned or foreclosed property, it’s not uncommon to find wiring that isn’t up to code, asbestos tiling, lead in paint or any number of other dangers that need to be dealt with before the property can be put on the market once more.

Again, dealing with lead and asbestos abatement, getting wiring and construction up to code, and other means of addressing dangers requires special skills that very few banks possess. In general, a bank doesn’t keep property managers and contractors on their payroll. This means when it comes time to sell these properties, either they take a major hit on profit, or the property simply becomes a drain on finances, sitting unsold.

REO Property Services

The sheer range of skills, knowledge and equipment necessary to deal with these issues is why it’s so important for lenders to keep a relationship with a reliable and expert REO property services company. First Freedom Preservation provides all of the REO property debris removal, REO property hazard removal, and other property management, upkeep and repair services you need.

From dealing with cleanup and restoration of damaged properties to tenant management, eviction, and landscaping services, FFP is here to provide all the skills and tools you need to turn a vacant property into a profit. Learn about what we do, and get in touch with us today for more information or to schedule an appointment to evaluate your REO property in Annapolis, Frederick or Hagerstown.