For most lenders who come into possession of real-estate-owned properties, their first and immediate goal is almost always to sell said properties fast. If you’re one of these property owners, obviously you want to get as much for the property as possible, while also getting it off of your rolls as quickly as possible.

This means creating outstanding curb appeal for your building. The right curb appeal can make the difference in a fast sale for top dollar, and a property that languishes on the market (and is a burden on your books) for months or even years. Learn about curb appeal, what it is, why it matters to your Washington, D.C., Baltimore or Philadelphia property, and how an REO repairs and upgrades service can get you the price you want and get that property off the market fast.

What Is Curb Appeal?

Curb appeal, in a very real way, is like a book cover. Despite the old saying, people do indeed pick up books because they have engaging covers—that’s the point of the cover, after all. The same goes for your property. People looking to buy a home, whether to live in it or flip it, are looking for something that requires as little work as possible.

If the property looks completely dilapidated, many potential buyers will simply pass on by. They assume the property needs too much work and isn’t worth the time and investment. Even if the place is great inside, they might never see it because it doesn’t look good outside. That’s curb appeal—what your building looks like to passers-by.

The Elements of Curb Appeal

Curb appeal has a number of different elements to which you’ll need to pay attention. The first of these is the building itself. It’s important that the home looks its very best. This means power washing, fixing the roof, doors and windows, and giving it a fresh coat of paint. Make it look like a new house from the outside, and people will be more likely to give it a look inside.

The second, and equally important, aspect of curb appeal is landscaping and yard maintenance. Most people won’t even see the building if the yard doesn’t look good. This means removing debris from around the house, keeping the grass neatly trimmed and edged and any walking paths free from obstructions and clean. It also means beautifying the yard. Trim the shrubs and plant flowers to make the place look as idyllic as possible.

Why Curb Appeal Matters

Curb appeal doesn’t just matter for selling your house fast. It’s also essential to upkeep and avoiding fines. Many municipalities will fine the owners of properties which contribute to blight, so beautification is essential in this regard. Second, keeping the property up means keeping squatters, vandals and thieves out, since it will look like the place is lived in.

REO Repairs and Upgrades Service

The best way to create outstanding curb appeal for your property is to work with an REO repairs and upgrades service. The right service can get your property looking just like new, which will draw in the best buyers, and fast.

If you’re in the Baltimore, Philadelphia or Washington, D.C., area and you want the best REO repairs and upgrades, First Freedom Preservation can help. Give us a call for more information today!