Building codes can seem onerous when all you want to do is get your Baltimore, Philadelphia or Washington, D.C., REO property off the market and into the hands of a buyer. However, it’s vital that you understand and respect these requirements, as they are a legal requirement and you can run into major problems with selling your property, or even be fined if you don’t live up to the letter of the law.

Unfortunately, REO property owners don’t always have the resources to make these necessary repairs and upgrades, and it can be tough to know where to turn for the knowledge and services you need. Learn about complying with building codes, avoiding REO code violations, and how an REO services company can keep you above board and help sell that home.

REO Code Violations

REO code violations are really no different than any other building code issues; there are certain standards to which every building is held, and your construction, repairs and upgrades have to live up to those standards. While it may seem like a pain at times, in truth, the codes are in place to ensure that buildings are safe to inhabit for those who live there.

Understanding Building Codes

The first thing to understand is that building codes vary wildly from state to state and even city to city. Every area has its own codes, and you’ll need to understand these codes before you even start your work. There are town codes, city codes, state codes, and other local codes, and your individual job could see more than one applicable code.

It’s up to your contractor to meet these codes, but hiring the right contractor means not having to worry about the problems that go along with violations. In general, if more than one code requirement applies to a given job, the most stringent codes should be applied.

Older Constructions

It’s also important to note that older constructions often are not up to codes. They don’t necessarily have to be brought to current codes to be sold as is. That being said, if you make any changes or improvements, these upgrades have to be up to current codes. That means, for example, that if your front stairs were original, but out of current code, and you decide to replace them, the new stairs must be brought up to code.

In general, building inspectors are also going to look at the spirit of the law over the letter. That is, they’ll observe issues that are demonstrably hazardous over older construction that doesn’t pose an imminent danger. Still, it’s important to have a service that knows how to approach these issues and deal with inspectors.

REO Services Company

This is why it’s important for those companies that own REO properties in Baltimore, Washington, D.C., and Philadelphia to hire a reliable and respected REO services company like First Freedom Preservation. For decades we’ve dealt with repairs and upgrades to foreclosure properties, and we can help you to avoid REO code violations. Give us a call for more information today!