When holding a property, your sights are usually set on a sale – but the road to selling can often pose a number of challenges to navigate. Is the property up to code? Is it a tenant occupied property? Does it have the curb appeal to grab a buyer’s interest? What repairs need to be completed? The list can go on and on. Without an REO Services Company, this list can easily become overwhelming, costly, and difficult to manage. An REO Services Company takes the bulk of this responsibility and works efficiently towards a sale while saving you time, money, stress and ultimately helping you close the sale faster and for a higher amount.

Reduction of Holding Timeline

REO service companies know how to enhance marketability. They understand the need to move a property, and they have the skills and resources to make that process as efficient as possible. With services like lawn maintenance and damage repairs, an REO services company can dramatically improve a property’s appeal, ultimately leading to a faster sale.

Mitigation of Risk

In addition to preparing the property for sale, an REO services company can also help to mitigate your risk while holding it. They have a thorough knowledge of regulations, government programs, and the unique challenges that go along with an REO transaction. They can assist in areas like eviction management and code compliance which can often lead to unnecessary expenses or delays if overlooked.

Separation of Responsibilities

Working with an REO services company allows brokers to focus on the marketing of a property without being pulled away by the many demands an REO property can pose. The division of work ensures that all of the property maintenance and restoration needs are carried out by professionals in the most efficient manner possible. Their work will support the work of the broker, increase marketability, and streamline the path to a sale.


When trying to move a property, the list of tasks can seem endless. An REO service company will help to identify the property’s needs, prioritize the tasks, and work through the list efficiently. From winterization and debris removal to lawn maintenance and eviction services, an REO services company has the experience and expertise to help check all the items off your list.

Every property is different, and an REO services company can help identify needs vs. wants, and determine- the most effective way to carry it out.


Some properties require more work than others, unexpected problems can easily arise, and quick solutions are often needed. These issues can become time-consuming, costly, and increase your holding timeline if not handled properly. When working with an REO services company, these questions land in the hands of experts who have the skills and experience to address them right away. An REO service company understands the demands and relieves a bulk of the burden that this type of property can pose.

A good REO Servicing Company can be invaluable in moving a property. You’ll increase your chances of a sale, keep your risk low, efficiently address problems, and avoid many of the distractions that arise from the maintenance of a property. The road to a sale doesn’t have to be difficult – an REO Services Company can help you navigate property maintenance and preservation every step of the way.