Wind damage can occur at any time. It’s easy to predict that there will be high winds when there is a hurricane in the forecast, but what about the winds associated with a summer storm? Wind speeds in severe thunderstorms often reach 50-60 mph, which the National Weather Service classifies as damaging. This type of “straight line” wind damage is more common than hurricanes or tornadoes, and can strike with little to no warning.

There are a few simple ways to mitigate the damage from wind- no matter the source. A great way to incorporate these ideas is to add them to a preservation or restoration checklist for any REO project. First Freedom Preservation is here to help protect your assets. For more information call us at 443.737.0222 to learn more about our Custom REO solutions!

Have a licensed contractor like First Freedom Preservation:

  • Inspect the roof for loose, broken, buckling, curling or cracks in shingles
  • Inspect for blistering, granule loss, or worn tabs
  • Remove any yard debris or clutter
  • Store unused patio equipment and umbrellas safely
  • Trim any branches that are in danger of harming the house, adjacent property, or outer structures
  • Inspect HVAC to ensure secure connections
  • Inspect siding to ensure secure anchoring
  • Ensure all windows are secured and screens are secured in channels
  • Repair or remove damaged fencing, lights, and decorations
Trees too near a house present a threat during hurricanes and other wind events.