Just about everyone relies on a contractor at some point. When you have a trustworthy contractor in your corner, they’re worth their weight in gold. Unfortunately, most banks and lenders that hold REO properties don’t have the resources to keep contractors on retainer, and they have to find someone every time an issue comes up.

Finding a reliable contractor is far easier said than done, and it’s important to understand the ways that far too many contractors try to hide their errors. Learn to spot these contractor cover-up schemes, and why good property management companies in Baltimore, MD, can keep your REO properties in shape.

Lies by Omission

Often times, a contractor intentionally hides their error. They know a problem exists, but simply don’t mention it, hoping that you’ll never see it. Then, at a later date, it crops up and you’re left in the cold. That’s why it’s important to carefully go over all work that’s done before you pay, and to specifically ask about issues and problems.

Another way to beat this problem is to carefully research your contractor before bringing them on board. Contractors that hide their issues like this tend to have a pattern of behavior. Look for complaints filed by past clients.

The Physical Cover-Up

This one is often used by homeowners trying to sell their houses quickly, as well as by dishonest contractors. It involves things like covering up cracks in the wall behind wallpaper, paneling or paint. Again, usually these issues don’t make themselves known until long after the contractor is paid and gone. Much like omission issues, these issues can be limited by doing some research up front and checking into past customer complaints.

Phony Licensing

Some contractors don’t actually have a license, and are doing their work illegally. These will often mislead clients into believing that they have a license. When your contractor isn’t licensed it can be very difficult to deal with issues and mistakes that crop up.

Even worse, unlicensed contractors might bring a lot of legal issues down on your head. Make absolutely certain that your contractor has a legitimate license, which should be on file with the state.

The Nickel-and-Dime

A lot of dishonest contractors take the nickel-and-dime scamming approach. They’ll continue to find “pre-existing issues” that have to be fixed before they can complete the work they originally agreed to do, and they’ll of course charge you more for those issues. In reality, these issues don’t exist and never did, or they were caused by the contractor. They’ll do whatever they can to make the construction drag on as long as possible and soak you for as much money as they can.

Don’t ever be afraid to challenge these claims, and don’t ever be afraid to ask questions. Make sure there’s a guaranteed completion date in your contract to mitigate this issue right up front.

Property Management Companies in Baltimore, MD

If you really want peace of mind in your REO property repairs, upgrades and maintenance, your best bet is to secure the services of a reputable and respected property management firm. Property management companies in Baltimore, MD will also have a network of trustworthy contractors at their disposal. For help with your REO property needs, contact the professionals at First Freedom Preservation today.