It’s easy to neglect an REO property. You’re not living there, so keeping it in shape doesn’t offer any immediate benefit, but it is essential nevertheless. REO or real estate owned properties are typically the result of foreclosures meaning the previous owners likely left it in bad shape, and even with a considerable markdown, you’ll have a tough time selling a messed-up house.

With the help of REO property preservation services, you can outsource maintenance and upkeep for your property. They will take care of all the essential requirements to make your property not only have an appealing price tag, but that essential curb appeal as well. Learn more about why you need REO property preservation.

Code Compliance

Nobody really likes having to deal with inspections, but they are important. Housing codes for your area are what they are because the government wants to keep all occupants and the environment safe. Because of this, you need to make sure your REO property is up to code. Depending on how old it is, your property may be lagging a bit behind the most current code updates.

An REO property preservation company can retrofit your property to pass a state inspection with flying colors. One of the major services that can be done is lead paint abatement. We all know now the dangers that lead paint can pose which is why it’s always a good idea to get rid of it in your property not only to keep it up to code but for ethical reasons as well. The property preservation company can also rid your property of any pesky mold that may be growing.

Debris Disposal

Put simply, REO properties aren’t exactly left in the best shape after they’ve been seized from the previous owners. Various types of debris and hazardous material are often left inside, either because the previous owners didn’t care enough to clean up or have actively tried to make the property filthy. Whatever the case may be, property preservation companies can clear it all out.

Debris disposal is usually measured in cubic yards, so you know that property preservation companies are prepared to move a lot of material out. Hazardous material is also dumped in accordance to local city and county codes, so you don’t have to worry about being fined for that. Previous owners may still have items inside that they have rights to. Rather than dumping those, the property preservation company will safely transport them to storage.

General Maintenance

A house is like a car. Without preventative maintenance, huge problems are sure to develop overtime. Winter is an especially dangerous season to enter unprepared, as cold weather can wreak havoc on an unoccupied house. REO property preservation companies specialize in winterization, so you can be sure your property is prepared for the colder season.

REO properties aren’t kept secret, and knowing that a house is unoccupied can lead to attempted break ins. Any good property preservation company specializes in security ensuring no unwelcome visitors can get access to the property. They can even board up windows to protect against vandalism attempts.

REO Property Preservation with First Freedom Preservation

If you’re looking for a reliable REO property preservation company near Baltimore, look no further than First Freedom Preservation. We can offer all the basic benefits of hiring a property preservation company and more. Contact us today to learn more about what we can offer you