Even as the real estate market continues to bounce back and excel, there are far too many bank-owned properties on the rosters of lenders and agencies all over the nation. These companies never wanted to be property owners, but were forced to foreclose on mortgages or otherwise take possession, and now they have to restore and preserve those properties.

Fortunately, there’s an outstanding solution for banks, lenders and companies who have REO properties on their books, and that’s professional preservation and restoration services. Learn why we love REO restoration and preservation services, the benefits these services have to offer, and why you should consider the professionals.

REO Restoration and Preservation Services

REO restoration and preservation services are available to anyone who needs to take care of, rehabilitate or renovate bank-owned properties. These services offer a wealth of benefits to those who don’t have the professionals on their books to cover the important tasks needed, from swapping out a main electrical box to installing a new toilet main or just managing the landscaping.

REO Renovations and Repairs

REO services for renovations and repairs provide you with the professional expertise and experience you need to take care of problems with your property, and upgrade it to be the best property it can be. This includes damage estimates, lead paint abatement, upgrades to the lawn, and overall enhancement of the property’s marketability. You get all of this without up-front charges, while also getting ongoing status reports and complete transparency in your cost monitoring and controls.

REO Preservation

Maintaining your REO after it’s repaired and upgraded can be a major challenge. You can’t just let it sit or it will decay. The yard will be prone to overgrowth and debris, and it will be vulnerable to vandalism. Just as bad, you could end up with squatters, who can do thousands of dollars in damage to your home and can be very hard to get rid of. Worse, you could be subject to thousands of dollars in municipal fines from contributing to urban blight.

REO preservation services can help with basic housekeeping, upkeep and ongoing repairs, removal of waste, debris and derelict automobiles, complete landscaping and lawn care services, eviction of squatters, and continual code compliance.

Keep Up with Your Property

REO services are also a great way to keep up with what’s going on in the property. You’ll get ongoing property condition reports, status reports, and cost analysis reports so that you’re always perfectly aware of what’s happening with your REO property.

We Love Property Management Services

Of course, you’ll want an REO property management company that’s passionate about what they do, to be sure you’re not just getting expertise and experience, but loyalty and dedication to get the job right from day one. That’s where First Freedom Preservation comes in.

We love what we do. We’re completely passionate about getting the job done right, and we’ll work with professionalism and transparency the whole time. Let our REO restoration and preservation services get your property in shape, increase its value, and turn that money sink into an investment. Give us a call today!