Keeping your ROE property in proper shape during the winter months requires regular attention and care. When someone is occupied, these things occur naturally by virtue of the people living there. When no one is inside, however, you need to manage it properly to prepare it for the ravages of cold and precipitation.

Risks to these properties are many, from swelling wood to pipe damage and more. It’s vital to winterize your property to make sure you don’t end up with thousands of dollars in repair bills from cold weather damage. Discover some important tips for winterizing property to prevent REO property damage in cold weather, and keeping the structure solid for a quick sale.

Minimize Property Damage

There are a number of things you can do, to minimize property damage from snow, cold and ice. These include calling in a plumber, draining hoses, closing up the house securely, keeping the gutters clear, keeping the yard clean and clear, keeping it warm and checking in regularly.

Call a Plumber

Calling a plumber to look over the pipes in the winter is a good idea. This can identify any potential threats and allow you to address them before the pipes burst. A burst water pipe is one of the greatest threats to any home, with water damaging everything it touches. A plumber can spot those pipes in the greatest danger and help you to address it, either with replacements or insulation.

Drain and Remove Hoses

If there are hoses outside, drain and remove them. They can cause the water to back up and freeze, which again leads to burst pipes in the home. This is essential to keeping the home safe.

Keep the House and Yard Clean

Keep the entire home and yard clean. Remove anything that might be leaning against the walls. Trim the trees and bushes, keep the yard in good repair, and make sure that the gutters are clean and clear. All of these efforts are essential to preventing damage from debris in the home.

Keep the House Warm

The key to keeping the pipes in good shape is not allowing the house to get cold to begin with. This means sealing it up against the cold—the doors and windows should all be tightly closed with all drafts eliminated. In addition, if you have gas service to the house, run the furnace. You don’t need to keep it a toasty room temperature, but keep it running above freezing, between 45 and 50 degrees throughout the house. This is plenty warm to keep you from cold damage, while still saving you money on utilities.

Check in Regularly

Checking in regularly, at least several times a week, is essential to making sure everything is still the way it needs to be. It will allow you to walk through and spot any problems, as well as making it appear that someone lives in the place.

If you don’t have the resources for winterizing property to protect it against property damage, an REO property management company is a great option. Services like First Freedom Preservation will upkeep your property and make sure it’s safe through the winter, as well as preparing it for a quick sale. Check out our services and get in touch today!