When you own an REO property, there are a ton of issues you have to face in order to keep the place in solid condition to sell fast and high. Keeping the building in good repair and updated, trimming the lawn, defending against moisture and vandalism, all of these are vital. One thing that often crops up and catches property owners by surprise is the threat of mosquitoes.

Mosquitoes present a range of health dangers, not just to the home, but to the entire community, and the problem seems to be getting worse every year. Learn why mosquito abatement and REO properties are vitally important, and how you can prevent danger not just to the house, but to the neighborhood.

Mosquito Abatement and REO Properties

Mosquito abatement and REO properties go hand in hand in ways that owners of these properties don’t even consider. A mosquito problem can quite literally pop up overnight, out of nowhere. They arise due to standing water, and the larvae that the bugs lay in the water aren’t easily visible to the naked eye. When they hatch, they can release hundreds and thousands of new mosquitoes into the air.

The Danger of Mosquito Infestation

Mosquitoes carry diseases. It’s that simple. They carry diseases like West Nile Virus and Zika Virus, and they can spread like wildfire once they’re released into the surrounding area. Worse, any pool of standing water can be a threat, from a mud puddle to a dog dish with rainwater, to a neglected bird bath, an old tire, a plant pot or a neglected pond or swimming pool.

Any standing water that sits for more than 3 days is a threat for major mosquito problems.

Controlling Mosquito Problems

Controlling mosquito problems is a factor of removing any standing water where eggs could be laid. This should be done at least once a week. Empty any sources of standing water out. If you have a pool, pond or fountain, keep the filter and pump running so it doesn’t stagnate. At very least, keep the water chlorinated to kill larvae, and use larvicides.

If you have a septic system, make sure that it’s solidly sealed up. Repair any gaps or cracks, and cover open plumbing pipes or vents using wire mesh with holes that are smaller than adult mosquitoes.

Regularly spray the area with outdoor insect sprays to kill the bugs wherever they might be hiding. Pay special attention to dark and humid areas under patio furniture, under the garage or carport. Follow instructions on the labels.

Hire an REO Services Company

REO Services companies are outstanding at mitigating issues with mosquitoes and standing water. They exist for only one purpose, and that’s to keep your vacant property safe, secure and in great condition to ensure that you can sell it fast and at a good value.

First Freedom Preservation is a full-service REO company and we’re ready to help keep your property in great shape and ensure that you get top dollar on the sale. Give us a call to learn how we can help you today.