REO Properties face a lot of danger from opportunistic criminals. They could be the target of vandalism, damage, arson or a range of other issues. Theft becomes a problem, and one of the biggest issues that property owners across the nation face is that of squatters, who can be very hard to evict.

The best thing you can do in order to avoid these issues is to keep your REO property secure. This requires taking the right steps at the right times. Learn the important steps you need to take to secure an REO property against theft, damage, squatters and other issues that could make it hard to sell.

Secure an REO Property

It’s essential to secure an REO property. Most of these properties are empty, so you may not think that theft is a problem, but breaking and entering is always a potential hazard. Whether it’s kids looking for a place to party, vandals looking for some destructive entertainment, or squatters looking to illegally commandeer a place to live without paying bills, it’s a danger that can ruin the value of your property.

It’s also important to know that even if the property is sitting empty, thieves can still target it. Most homes, for example, are full of copper pipes that can sell at a good price. Even worse, these kinds of thieves will do major structural damage to the home while getting their prize.

Make It Look Occupied

The first step to securing your property is to make it look lived-in. Thieves and squatters target vacant properties first. Put timers on lights both inside and out. Keep the landscaping cut and neat. Post home alarm signs, “beware of dog” signs, window stickers and other notices that someone’s in the house.

Close It Up Tight

If making it look occupied isn’t an option, close it up tight. Board up the windows or cover them with shatter-resistant security film. Reinforce all of the locks on the doors. Don’t be afraid to fence it off. Consider changing the locks.

Tell the Neighbors

Your neighbors are your first line of defense. Let the neighbors know that the property is vacant. Give them permission temporarily to use the driveway to make it look occupied. Give them your contact information to let you know if there are any suspicious people lurking about.

Consider a Home Security System

Consider paying the monthly fee for a home security system. Forty bucks a month or so to maintain the security of the house is a small price to pay, and modern security systems can even be set up to operate and monitor remotely. You’ll be able to constantly pay attention to the status of the place all the time, and modern systems use cellular systems, so even if they’re physically cut from the property, they still work. It really is your best bet to maintain the security of the place.

Call an REO Services Company

The most reliable way to secure your property against intruders is to use a professional REO Services Company. First Freedom Preservation will constantly monitor and care for your property, to keep criminals away. Give us a call for more information today!